Includes wooden soap dish, handmade olive oil soap with perfume of your choice, such as Red Grape, Rose, Lavender, Jasmine, Oriental, Sandalwood and natural sea sponge Grass 7.5-9 cm.

Each Grass natural sponge has the following characteristics:

- 100% organic, hypoallergenic and toxin-free.
- Eco friendly: fully biodegradable.
- Antibacterial: exfoliates, leaves your skin radiant and smooth.
- Antifungal.
- Anti odor.
- Healthy and skin friendly even for infants.
- Super elastic and durable.
- Super soft and at its normal size when wet.

Natural sponges are super long lasting (2- 6 years) when rinsed off thoroughly under cool running water and dried before the next use.

The main feature of this sponge is the mild exfoliation created by its delicate texture during use. It is ideal for every day use even for sensitive or dry skins.

It effectively removes dead cells leaving the skin smooth and clean

If properly handled it can last for longer than 3 years. Simply wash after every use, squeeze and let dry. Occasionally let it dry in the sunlight.

Soap with Perfume + Soap Dish + Grass Sea Face and Body EXFOLIATION Sponge